Welcome to Arana Sri Lanka - Ella

Arana is the simple way of pronouncing "Aranyaya". This is the name for the forest monasteries in Sri Lanka. In ancient Sri Lanka majority of the temples were based in nature. specially in jungles to avoid unnecessary disturbances which could harm the daily spiritual activities.

Our Place

Our philosophy is to recreate this special spirit and peace of the monasteries in Sri Lanka at our place. Arana Sri Lanka is situated in Ella, in the Badulla district. Ella is a small village located high in the mountains within a beautiful tropical forest with stunning views. It has a very temperate and pleasant climate year round; sunny during the day, cool at night. Even though our lodge is located close to Ella center, we try to maintain the forest character to preserve the natural environment and surrounding terrain. So take your time to observe the many flora and fauna found in our special forest; the myriad of tropical trees, flowers, and exotic fruits as well as the birds, squirrels, and occasional monkeys and other animals.

What we do?

Activities at Lodge

Please also enjoy our garden and our little shelters to have some relaxing time in nature. We provide free Wi-Fi at the restaurant. Also we are offering yoga and meditation classes and cooking classes on site.

We will help arranging transportation or guides to local tourist sites, such as Ella Rock, Little Adam’s Peak, Horton Plains, Tea Plantations, or Temples.

Our Food and Menu

Our meals are vegan or vegetarian in line with spiritual life. All the fruits and vegetable are fresh and bought locally. Everything is natural and prepared freshly. Breakfast is included with your stay. In our restaurant, we offer a dinner menu, and also lunch on request.